Donut Dash!

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개발자: Beansprites LLC
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Donut Dash has 2 fun filled Minigames starring Americas favorite treat, Donuts!

Donut Float is a fun mini-game where you tap, tap, tap the Donuts to keep them afloat! Just dont let them touch the spikes, or youre out! Rack up the highest score and challenge your friends!

Donut Fling!: Is a fun mini-game where the object is to catch all the falling Donuts and rack up a high score! Snag powerups and bonuses for an advantage in the game. Timing, dexterity, skill, and a little luck are all involved in this game!

Features delectably delicious sprinkled donuts in a vibrant, colorful variety, and a whimsical musical track to accompany the game!

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